April 26th 2018

Today I finished the renewed website. I made a few changes, and of course I added new photos.
Look around, I hope you like it.

April 15th 2018

I am very happy to have been published again in the latest issue of The Photo Artistic LIfe!
You'll find my photos on page 8.
Click here to see the magazine.

April 4th 2018
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!
I Added new photos in the categories Landscape and

 March 13th 2018
Added photos in all 4

February 5th 2018
Added photos in Landscape,
Portrait and Misc
I will add new photos, regularly from now on.

January 8th 2018
A few photos added in several catergories.

September 6th 2017
My website now contains only photo-art and I am very happy with that.

April 15th 2017
Happy Easter everyone!

April 8th 2017
New website, also suitable for mobile devices.



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